‘It’s a Trap!’: Morning Joe Channels Star Wars Day in Health Care Warning


The newly engaged Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski used Thursday’s episode of Morning Joe to tout their “ratings” and also lace into the American Health Care Act. The third iteration of the zombified Republican Obamacare replacement came in for withering criticism from all sides.

“We need to pass the bill so we know what’s in it,” joked Scarborough, channeling Nancy Pelosi’s infamous line. “It worked last time.”

The New York Times’ Nicholas Confessore broke it down.

“This is everything that the GOP said about Obamacare, not too long ago, but worse,” he said. “It isn’t CBO scored, because the details are actually not as well-known, it hasn’t been debated for months and months and months. It’s been debated for a couple of days.”

And being Star Wars Day —may the fourth be with you — Confessore added a deep space flourish.

“This reminds of that scene speaking of Star Wars where Akbar, the admiral on the Star Wars ship was saying ‘It’s a trap.’ These guys are jumping over a cliff and don’t know what they’re voting for, or how many people are going to be affected.”

This provoked a round of laughter from Scarborough.

“Unlike Star Wars you’re not coming out of hyper drive and stopping and looking around and seeing you’re in a trap. You have been walking up to this point for seven years.”

He then suggested that it was actually more like that scene from Austin Powers when a man was run over by a slow moving truck.

Both clips greeted viewers when the show came back from its next commercial break.

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