‘Stressful’ but ‘Exciting’: HLN Hosts Recall Their Days As NFL Draftees

Before Hines Ward and Coy Wire were hosts on CNN and HLN, they were players in the NFL! (Acronyms are really in right now, obviously.)

With draft night upon us, it was only right that they chat with Robin Meade about their own experiences. Both players recalled that their nerves were high because it really is just how it looks on TV — draft picks don’t know for sure what’s happening until they get the big call.

“I wish I’d had a heart rate monitor,” said Wire, who reported being extremely anxious as he waited for his phone to ring. After all, as he pointed out, for hopeful draftees, getting picked is not just about personal success; it’s a “family dream,” too.

Ward reported that not only was his family excited, but his friends were, too. They kept calling him even though he needed the phone line free for if — and, as we know now, when — he got the good news.

“Luckily, I had call waiting,” he said.

Watch above to hear more.

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