Symone Sanders Claps Back at Ben Ferguson in Heated NFL Debate: ‘If That’s Not a Dog Whistle…’

Friday night, CNN contributors Symone Sanders and Ben Ferguson went at it over the NFL protests, in a debate that grew heated.

Appearing on Out Front with Jim Sciutto filling in for regular host Erin Burnett, the two argued about the findings of a new CNN poll. By a 49-43 margin, respondents said players are doing the wrong thing by kneeling during the National Anthem. But 60 percent said that Trump was wrong for criticizing the protestors.

“When you see the majority of Americans saying it’s wrong to protest during the National Anthem, that’s where they’re backing the president,” Ferguson said. “When they made it personal, it seems there’s more divide there.”

Sanders interjected.

“When he attacked players of color,” she said. “That’s what happened.”

Ferguson took umbrage with the insertion of race in a discussion about the NFL protests against racial oppression.

“This is not about race as much you want it to be,” Ferguson said.

Sanders completely disagreed.

“[Colin] Kaepernick took a knee for injustice, for racism, for police brutality, and white supremacy.”

Ferguson believes the protests are now about Trump.

“The majority of these players were protesting Donald Trump,” Ferguson said. “So, again, to say that all of them are unified on Black Lives Matter or police brutality, the majority of these players did not stay in the locker room a year ago when that was the actual issue that Colin Kaepernick brought up.”

Sanders closed out the discussion with a shot at Trump, which dually served as a clap back at Ferguson.

“He said that the NFL owners need to get their players in line. If that’s not a dog whistle, I don’t know what is.”

Watch above, via CNN.

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