Tabloid Hammered for Sexual Innuendo Directed at Female Pol Eating Ice Cream


Italian cabinet minister Marianna Madia was caught by paparazzi eating gelato in her car, and the gossip magazine Chi splashed the photos in a big spread together, complete with sexual innuendos.

Here’s the photo spread in question:

That big headline roughly translates to “She knows how to do it with ice cream.” Part of it also reads that she was allowing herself a “pleasurable break.”

The backlash grew swiftly in Italy, with a few prominent politicians denouncing Chi‘s sexism. And some Italian women (and men) took to Twitter with the hashtag #cisofareanchio (“I know how to do it too”) to show their support for Madia:

Alfonso Signorini, editor of the magazine, has refused to apologize, even issuing a statement attacking “the entire political left” for focusing on this instead of important issues.

[h/t The Guardian]
[image via screengrab, @albertomaio]

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