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Tea Party Blogger Bruce Majors Defends His “Safe Places In DC” Directions

A few days ago, the media was having a ball mocking a blog post by Tea Partier Bruce Majors which instructed folks going to Glenn Beck’s “Restoring Honor” rally places they should avoid in DC. The reason they were mocking it? Because it instructed people to avoid about 80% of the nation’s capital. Majors is now defending his posting against claims that it was racist. Claims that it was kind of ridiculous are a little harder to fight.

I have to say, I feel a bit bad for Majors. If people are coming to any big city for the first time, you’re going to want to tell them which areas are safer than others. Sure, he went (hilariously) overboard, but his intentions weren’t evil. And he’s absolutely right to complain that the attacks against him have been politically motivated. I would say that nearly anyone who attacked him and hasn’t actually lived in the city was probably just someone who doesn’t like Beck’s rally.

Still though, while he post might not have been inherently racist, ThinkProgress are claiming to have dug up some questionable stuff on his blog (including an image comparing Michelle Obama to Chewbacca) so it’s kind of hard to say.

Either way, his post gave Beck fans some directions and Beck haters some laughs so I guess everyone wins.

Check out his defense from DC’s Fox 5 below:

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