comScore Video from Inside Paris Kosher Market Hostage Crisis Emerges

Terrifying Images Emerge Showing Coulibaly Herding Hostages in Paris Kosher Market

CCTV footage has emerged from inside the Paris Kosher market where terrorist Amedy Coulibaly murdered four people before being killed by police in a firefight.

Among the footage are images showing bodies on the floor, an empty child’s stroller, and Coulibaly forcing workers to disarm the security system.

One still image shows the gunman, wearing a bulletproof vest, ordering a hostage to put his hands up against the wall. Another photo shows some of the 19 hostages huddling in an aisle as one of the murdered patrons lies on the floor several feet in front of them.

An hour into the hostage situation, surveillance shows Coulibaly ordering workers to stand on stools and disable the security cameras. Noticeably missing from the images, however, are scenes from the police raid on the market that ultimately killed the gunman.

Check out the images below, via CNN:

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