Texas Gov. Jokes While Displaying Gun Target: ‘Gonna Carry This Around in Case I See Any Reporters’


Texas’ Republican Governor Greg Abbott signed a bill today reducing the license fees for handguns in his state. After signing the piece of legislation, the governor celebrated by getting in some target practice at a shooting range. With local reporters on hand, Abbott decided to show off his handiwork:

And, according to The Texas Tribune’s Patrick Svitek, Abbott also tossed out a bit of topical humor:

Yep, that’s right. The Governor of Texas let a group of reporters know that if he gets approached by members of the press in the future, he’s going to let them know just how good a shot he is.

Svitek also noted that he had audio of Abbott’s joke, stating that some gathered around the governor did laugh:

Of course, Abbott’s quip will be seen within the context of the recent incident of Republican politician Greg Gianforte assaulting Guardian reporter Ben Jacobs a day before Montana’s special election for its lone House seat. Despite being charged with misdemeanor assault and audio being released of the encounter, Gianforte won the election by roughly six points.

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