Thankfully, Your Obnoxiously Opinionated Facebook and Twitter Friends Are in the Minority

It can ruin your entire day to log on to Facebook or Twitter and see one of your friends or family members mouthing off about a current event. But there may be some solace in knowing that those people aren’t as common as they seem.

A new Pew Research survey centered on the Edward Snowden-NSA leaks shows that only 43 percent of Facebook users say they’re somewhat willing or very unwilling to share their opinion on government surveillance. That’s compared to 58 percent who said they’re somewhat willing or very willing.

The findings for Twitter were similar. Only 41 percent of Twitter users said they were somewhat or very unwilling to share their opinions on the matter versus 59 percent who say the opposite.

If the topic of the government surveillance programs came up in these settings, how willing would you be to join in the conversation?

It is true, however, that opinions more often find comfort behind a computer screen. More people said they were willing to share their opinions on Facebook and Twitter than in person, like at dinner or in the work place.

Full survey at Pew.

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