That One Time Trump Praised George Conway For Comprehending ‘a Very Bad Situation’

Despite Donald Trump and George Conway currently pummeling each other on Twitter, it turns out there was a happy time when the president bid compliments to Kellyanne Conway‘s husband after he helped him settle a legal dispute over a decade ago.

Washington Post uncovered an old letter from Trump that heaped praise on Conway after he assisted the president-to-be with a commotion involving the condo board for Trump World Tower. In the letter, Trump commended Conway’s legal skills and expressed admiration for “how quickly you were able to comprehend a very bad situation.”

Here’s the letter in full:

Dear George:

I wanted to thank you for your wonderful assistance in ridding Trump World Tower of some very bad people. What I was most impressed with was how quickly you were able to comprehend a very bad situation. In any event, the building has now been normalized, and the employees are no longer doing menial tasks, etc for our former board members. Life goes on in a much more positive way!

Again, I very much appreciate your assistance.


– Donald Trump

PS – And you have a truly great voice, certainly not a bad asset for a top trial lawyer.

Things have definitely soured since then, seeing as Trump is calling Conway a “total loser,” and Conway is returning fire and standing by his questioning of Trump’s mental condition.

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