The Atlantic Under Fire For Hiring Writer Who Said Women Who Have Abortions Should Be Hanged


Yesterday, The Atlantic named its first four contributors to the magazine’s new section for opinion, commentary and ideas. The publication gave staffers Alex Wagner and Annie Lowery prominent new roles, while announcing the hires of Ibram X. Kendi and Kevin Williamson.

It is the addition of Williamson, however, that has proven controversial, especially in liberal and progressive circles.

The longtime National Review writer, you see, has espoused some…ummm…extreme positions in the past. In 2014, he stated, during a Twitter spat, that abortion should be treated the same as homicide. When asked if he felt those who get abortions should “get life without parole,” Williamson said, “I have hanging more in mind.”

(You can’t see Williamson’s tweets now because he deleted his Twitter account yesterday.)

That same year, he penned a column about East St. Louis in which he described a young black child as a primate. In another 2014 piece, he made sure to misgender Laverne Cox, claim she wasn’t a woman, and called gender affirmation surgery “genital mutilation.”

So yeah, there was a bit of an outcry over The Atlantic hiring this guy:

Meanwhile, as those on the left raged against the hire, a number of conservatives defended Williamson and The Atlantic’s decision to bring him on board.

Williamson also wrote a goodbye article at National Review. You can read it here.

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