The Blaze’s Tomi Lahren Addresses Old Tweets To ‘Give ‘Em a Little Bit Of Context’


Today, Tomi Lahren released a video to address the old tweets that surfaced this week. They showed her partying, complaining about having to work, and talking a lot about how much she hates Valentine’s Day, among many other things.

She said the goal was to “give ’em a little bit of context.”

Lahren had to explain what she meant every time she tweeted that she and her girlfriends were going out to drink and “pop that p.” She said this:

When I was in college, which wasn’t that long ago, at UNLV, I had a small group of friends. When we went out, we liked to listen to rap music and one of the songs that my friends particularly enjoyed was a song called “Pop That Pussy.” I hate that word and I don’t say that word and I would always cringe when they would say that word because it didn’t sound right to me. I would instead say, “Pop that p.” So it became a thing.

She went on to say she did enjoy dancing and still does. In fact, she will likely dance this weekend because — “guess what?” — she’s “a human being.”

Watch above to see what she says about her “Bad news: had to get a job” tweet.

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