The Cruz Campaign is Utilizing Snapchat Filters to Roast Trump Over Taxes


I had the good fortune to be in our nation’s capital on business a while ago. Whenever I go to D.C., I try to collect as many geofilters on Snapchat as possible. (Geofilters are unique overlays that are triggered by the user being in a certain location. For instance, the National Mall and some of the Senate buildings have them.) While I was standing inside the Cannon House Office Building, I took a picture and noticed I had a new geofilter. It was a little text box that said, “WARNING: This message will disappear — just like Hillary Clinton‘s emails.” At the bottom, it said, “Judicial Watch®.”*

That was the first time I had ever seen Snapchat used by a political organization, but in the past few weeks, instances of campaigns and super PACs utilizing the app’s geofilter feature have increased. Just two days ago, a Marco Rubio rally location was given an anti-Donald Trump filter by Conservative Solution PAC. Now, Ted Cruz‘s campaign has harnessed the reach of the photo-sharing application, adding their own anti-Trump message.

Currently, attendees at Cruz’s rally in Virginia can access the following filter for their snaps:

They feature an unflattering caricature of the business mogul, wispy yellow hair and tanning-goggles imprint and all.

According to The Independent Journal, the filters are being sponsored by Cruz for President, which gives them even more legitimacy than Rubio’s, since they come straight from the camp.

Recently, the app was used to remind South Carolina residents to vote in their primary.

Clinton and Bernie Sanders have both been using personal Snapchat accounts throughout their campaigns to document their time on the road. This is a more personal approach than the geofilters, but can only be seen by their followers.

*Clinton riffed on that same “disappearing messages” concept herself at a speech in August, which was two months before JW launched their filter. Did they steal the former Secretary of State’s joke?

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