The Huffington Post “Big Picture” Launches With Lindsay Lohan

originalLindsay Lohan — large and unedited. That’s how The Huffington Post Entertainment section kicked off a new feature they call The Big Picture in which they “present unedited celebrity photos, blown up.” The daily series, which launched quietly yesterday, is not unlike the popular Boston Globe blog of the same name, but with a slightly different focus.

For instance, whereas the Globe features a month’s worth of giant photos from Afghanistan, HuffPo opted for Lohan at the “Rock the Kasbah event Monday night in Los Angeles,” followed by Sting from a Tuesday night book party. Guaranteed to drive web traffic, The Big Picture’s first pic(k) was a savvy one, as a high resolution image of the starlet reveals far more than you’d expect from a 23-year-old.

We’re taking bets on who The Huffington Post will feature tomorrow, but our money’s on a real looker, to counter Lohan’s vaguely unflattering portrayal or Sting’s neutral appearance. With this new feature, The Huffington Post wins with clicks, and the real losers are the makeup artists to the stars — now under more pressure than ever.

Check out The Big Picture here.

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