The Left Freaks On Twitter After Chris Hayes Suggests Justice Kennedy May Retire


For many Americans, the 2016 presidential election was more about Ginsburg vs. Scalia then it was about Clinton vs. Trump. With two relatively unpopular choices to occupy the oval office, the Supreme Court would be the focus for many Americans when casting their ballot.

The prospect of the next President potentially having multiple Supreme Court nominees caused many, right-leaning but not necessarily Trump-loving, individuals to throw their support to the GOP candidate for the sole reason that he pledged to nominate Justices in the mold of Antonin Scalia.

Ronald Reagan appointee, Anthony Kennedy is often viewed as the court’s more moderate “swing vote”, who has been known to often lean left on social issues.

So, one might imagine that the prospect of a Kennedy retirement, that could lead to the appointment of someone who might uphold that outdated, pesky parchment known as the the Constitution, would be enough to send liberals into a frenzy.

And MSNBC host Chris Hayes decided to strike fear in panic in left-wing hearts on Thursday when he tweeted, “Just a reminder: there’s a chance Kennedy announces his retirement on Monday, paving the way for the end of Roe.”

The Twitter reaction was as expected.

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