The Media Struggles to Explain Volcanoes, Makes Comparison to Soda Bottle?


As news of the enormous Icelandic volcano Eyjafjallajokull travels the world, folks in the media have found it as difficult to explain volcanoes as it is to pronounce this one’s name. While some made awkward jokes at their own lack of knowledge, others tried to simplify things with metaphors that were…also awkward. After the jump we have two clips of some of the more embarrassing attempts.

First up is Rick Sanchez of CNN. As NewsBusters reported yesterday, Sanchez jovially told his viewers that he was surprised to hear of a volcano in Iceland because “it’s too cold to have a volcano there.” Uh huh. Today on his Twitter, Sanchez claimed he was joking. That’s probably the case but remember, he is the guy who asked for “nine meters” to be translated into English.

People at Fox News were having an equally tough time. Earlier today, Harris Faulkner tried to explain the fallout of an eruption to Megyn Kelly. Fortunately she had a perfect metaphor on hand: a soda bottle that had been shaken up.

Oh, good. Now we get it. We can only assume that they were saving the model and baking soda for later in the broadcast.

So, with the cable news outlets not giving us much help in figuring out volcanoes and with our high school science text books tragically left at home, we are left to just look at the amazing pictures from yesterday and wonder. After these clips, it’s clear that we should just let the volcano speak for itself.

So, for that reason click here to see our collection of some of the greatest volcano images past and present.

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