The Onion Calls Facebook Users ‘Dipsh*ts’ for Needing Satire Tags

Earlier this week, Facebook confirmed reports that they were testing a “satire” tag, to let its users know that certain articles in their news feed were, in fact, fake articles written for comedic purposes.

The Onion, of course, decided to investigate these claims, and soon issued a report entitled “Area Facebook User Incredibly Stupid“.

“‘I need stuff easy,’ said the absolute dipshit, adding that he finds many things confusing, and that those things must be changed so that they make sense to him,” they “reported”. (We have to put that in quotation marks, lest anyone else thinks that the Onion is seriously reporting something.)

To be fair, while The Onion is widely synonymous with joke articles, its less-famous copycats (The Daily Currant, for instance) often fool the media into thinking they’re real news stories. While we worry that the Satire tag will kill the viral traffic these sites gain when they trick people into, say, reporting that Jeff Gordon is in a gay relationship with another NASCAR driver, we’re up for anything that prevents us from re-issuing this column, again.

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