The Top 10 Songs Guaranteed To Annoy Liberals


As we’ve explored here before, much of the entertainment industry is decidedly liberal in politics. Aside from some country musicians, the guys behind that An American Carol movie, and a scant few celebrities, there’s not much conservatism to go around. This is especially true of the music industry.

It is quite common for conservatives to get upset about a song (or movie) that supposedly undermines family values, espouses anti-American ideas, or mocks some right-wing sacred cow.

But sometimes hit songs can annoy liberals too. Typically those songs come from country musicians and Christian songwriters, but occasionally more liberal artists manage to write songs that annoy their left-wing friends.

Check out our top ten list of songs guaranteed to annoy liberals below.

And since I relish the opportunity to annoy both sides, check back soon for a list of top ten songs guaranteed to annoy conservatives.


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