The View Destroys Trump For ‘Tone-Deaf’ Memorial Day Tweet: Where’s ‘Your Fricking Comms Team’?

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President Donald Trump‘s Memorial Day tweet was roundly panned on Twitter Monday, and also by the ladies of The View Tuesday.

Whoopi Goldberg began the skewering session by noting that many, including veterans, said the message was “tone-deaf,” to which Joy Behar replied: “Duh.”

“First of all, Obama pulled the U.S. out of the great recession and the economy has been steadily improving since. So he can’t really take credit for anything that he’s done,” Behar continued.

“I think the greatest point is that we should be talking about our fallen soldiers who lost their lives for our country,” Meghan McCain offered. “People like Jake Tapper was going over the weekend posting photos and the names of fallen soldiers and I think we need to say the names.”

“It was so tone deaf and so insulting to every veteran who died,” she added.

“He’s making Memorial Day a day about him, about fallen soldiers, when he was never a soldier,” Sonny Hostin contributed.

Behar took up the thread and said: “This guy has no concept of what anybody did in any war… The narcissism in this man is palpable.”

“If he’s not doing it for himself, your fricking communications team should take the reins on this and say, ‘Hey, it’s Memorial Day,'” McCain said.

“His team has no power,” Goldberg countered.

“Where is Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell?” Behar asked rhetorically. “I don’t see them tweeting this was totally tone deaf.”

“Not all Republicans take on all the sins of President Trump and I refuse to do it myself,” McCain retorted. “Maybe on Sunday Paul Ryan was spending that day honoring people that he may or may not have known.”

“You do want to hear from the leadership, from people on both sides of the aisle because war doesn’t care what your political background is,” Goldberg shot back. “They’re not fighting for their politics. They’re fighting to protect the country, and if you can’t take one five-minute break out of your very busy schedules, Mitch and everybody… maybe you all gotta go.”

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