There Is a Noticeable Lack of Trump Administration Faces Appearing On the Sunday Shows Tomorrow


Well, almost none of Donald Trump‘s administration members or surrogates will be on the Sunday shows tomorrow.

That’s not normal.

It’s also not for lack of trying on the part of bookers, producers, and showrunners. While talking yesterday about Trump’s sudden firing of FBI director James Comey, Fox News’ Chris Wallace said, “We’re waiting — just to give you an example — we very much want somebody to represent the president’s point of view on Sunday about the Comey firing. They still haven’t given us anybody; we can’t even reach anybody to ask.” Watch that above.

It won’t surprise you to learn that the problem isn’t exclusive to Fox. There are no White House spokespeople to be found on any of the Sunday show schedules tomorrow. The shocking news is even leading the current edition of Brian Stelter‘s “Reliable Sources” newsletter for CNN.

This, rather notably, comes on the heels of the big week we just had that started with Sally Yates‘ testimony and James Comey‘s firing, and ended with the president seemingly threatening Comey about supposed “tapes” of their conversations and suggesting doing away with press briefings for the sake of “accuracy” from his spokespeople.

We did just receive word that Rex Tillerson will do Meet the Press tomorrow. That’s all fine and well, but we’ll be interested to see if defending a whirlwind week full of surprises and contradictions for the president is suddenly one of the Secretary of State’s duties.

UPDATE –– 1:05 pm ET: We should also note that Kellyanne Conway is set to appear on Fox’s media affairs show MediaBuzz tomorrow. The show’s page says that she will be on to discuss “the coverage of the James Comey firing, President Trump’s criticism of the media and a host of related issues.”

UPDATE –– 7:29 pm ET: ABC’s This Week has announced that Ambassador to the United Nations, Nikki Haley, will appear on their show tomorrow.

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