Report: Sandra Bullock Withdraws Support of BP-Backed Oil Spill PSA

Today, in Wait-Nobody-Told-Me-That world, Sandra Bullock is backpedaling to condemn a PSA she helped make for the Restore the Gulf campaign. The PSA, called “Be the One,” features Bullock and other celebrities asking viewers to sign a petition to Congress demanding a fully funded restoration plan for the Gulf. Turns out, though, that the campaign is sponsored by an organization called America’s Wetland Foundation, which, despite the nice sounding name, is actually a greenwashing front group for big oil companies likes Shell, American Petroleum and, you guessed it, BP.

From ThinkProgress:

This greenwashing campaign, first uncovered by’s Brendan Demelle, subtly includes mentions of “safe domestic energy” and oil industry factoids, while implying that American taxpayers, not the unmentioned oil industry, should pay for restoring the region BP has poisoned

ThinkProgress spoke with Bullock’s publicist who said that Bullock was originally contacted by her attorney to be a part of the campaign and that no one had ever made her aware of the campaign’s big oil ties. Bullock’s representatives have demanded that “her participation in the PSA be removed until the facts can be determined.”

Given that the PSA is already a cut and polished video, the likelihood of simply snipping Bullock’s shots out of the PSA is unlikely. It seems that in the BP age, background checks on even supposedly well-meaning organizations wouldn’t be remiss. That or don’t trust your attorney’s suggestions.

Watch the PSA below:

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