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This Exists: Who Wants An iPhone Charger That Looks Like An Umbilical Cord?

One of the most effective Super Bowl commercials this year belonged to Motorola, who parodied Apple’s famous “1984” ad and posited that now the shoe’s on the other foot and the prevalence of Apple products was turning us into white earbud-using zombies. Last night, while plugging in my iPhone, I felt the same way. The simple, white charger was just so plain and ubiquitous and boring. But, I didn’t want a Motorola. No, I wanted something new. Something terrifying. Something that looked like it came out of David Cronenberg’s Videodrome. Isn’t there some designer out there who can help me out?!

Oh, of course. What was I thinking? I should’ve just looked to Japan where someone’s invented a charger that looks and moves like an umbilical cord.

From The Daily Mail:

“The unnerving cord, designed by Mio I-zawa, is 2ft long and has a kinked shape and has a pinky-blue veined appearance of every baby’s pre-natal lifeline to their mothers.

One end plugs into a power socket while the other flares out like and almost like ugly alien’s head that looks as if it is eating its iPhone prey.

Adding to its lifelike look, the cord pulses and jerks about, moving the Apple gadget along as though it is trying to escape.”

Now that’s the kind of thing I want sitting on my bedside table while I sleep. Good and horrific. Long live the new flesh, everyone!

(h/t Reddit)

Check out video of the device below:

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