Joan Rivers Apparently Came Back from the Dead to Plug iPhone 6 on Facebook


Comedian Joan Rivers has been dead for more than two weeks, but this morning she was evidently so excited about the release of the new iPhone 6 that she briefly rose from the dead to endorse the product on her Facebook page. The message, which appeared briefly Friday morning and came “via Instagram” was quickly deleted.

But not before plenty of people saw it, took screenshots and delivered the requisite jokes that she no doubt would have appreciated:

TMZ, which was one of the first sites to post the screengrab, speculates that Rivers had set up the deal with Apple prior to her death and no one got around to canceling it.

Rivers’ Facebook page has remained active after her death, with messages like the one below about tonight’s Fashion Police tribute on E!. But this is the first to emerge with her posthumous first person voice.

[Photos via Facebook/Twitter]

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