‘This Happens Every Day in a Campaign’: Corey Lewandowski Throws Cold Water on Trump Jr. Scandal

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On Fox & Friends, Wednesday, the couch regulars assembled to pick apart the most recent bombshell revelation: that Donald Trump Jr. had actively sought to collude with the Russian government to undermine Hillary Clinton in the 2016 campaign.

Joining them was former campaign chief and Trump stalwart Corey Lewandowski to throw cold water on the whole story.

“This happens every day in a campaign,” he said. “It is a courtesy meeting to sit down for 10 or 15 minutes to listen to what people have to say. When you find out that it’s not relevant you walk away and say thank you for your time and you move on.”

That’s all — move alone, nothing to see here.

Lewandowski, however, was quick to assert that neither he nor President Trump knew about the meeting.

“Neither one of us knew anything about the meeting because it was a nothing meeting.” he said .

Ainsley Earhardt jumped in with the “real” issue when she asked whether the meeting had helped sway the election for Trump.

Lewandowski laughed off the suggestion and then went into a rant about steelworkers and coal miners and how Trump Jr. had been completely forthright.

“The reason Don Jr. released his emails was because this was completely transparent,” said Lewandowski, parroting a rapidly entrenching falsehood the younger Trump propagated when he tweeted out his emails yesterday. In fact, Trump Jr. dropped the story only to scoop the New York Times, which told him they had the emails and were planning to publish.

Lewandowski then whined about how the Russia allegations were only serving as a distraction from the president’s agenda, earning a gentle chiding from Brian Kilmeade.

“Corey, this is a story” he said sheepishly.

“It’s a story only because the mainstream media wants to make it a story,” he shot back.

Kilmeade backed down.

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