‘Are You Hearing What I’m Saying?’: Segment Devolves Into Sarcastic Shouting Match Over Race


Harry Houck, a longtime NYPD detective, and Marc Lamont Hill of Morehouse College added to their collection of greatest hits Monday with a spirited and sarcastic segment about law enforcement and race with John Berman on CNN’s New Day.

Historically, Houck and Hill have found themselves on dueling sides of the debate, with Houck frequently explaining away the actions of police even in situations of violence. They sparred last summer over the inference that black people are prone to criminality live on CNN, and Monday’s segment was about the black law-abiding PhD student that has filed a civil lawsuit against officers who tackled him to the ground in Illinois.

“Those officers followed their procedure,” argued the NYPD vet.

Hill however was quick to point out that a black man entering a car will oftentimes result in someone doing a double take. “Studies show this, if you believe in science,” he said, identifying the discrepancy between African Americans and their white counterparts when it comes to law enforcement judgements.

Houck was having absolutely none of it, refusing to accept a Stanford study that Hill cited from that identified this very difference. “You can’t just think this,” Houck said brushing it off.

“Are you hearing what I’m saying?!” Hill shot back. “It’s a study of actual police officers — real people! Real science and real study.” Houck instead touted his own personal record on the issue to shoot down any such suggestion.

“You’re right, anecdotes are better than data. I agree,” Hill said sarcastically before telling Berman hopelessly, “This has been awesome.”. He added to Houck, “Happy Martin Luther King Day.”

“You too.”

Watch above via CNN.

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