‘This is Not Okay’: Watch a Stunned Brooke Baldwin Report on CNN and Other Outlets Being Blocked From WH Gaggle

Shortly after coming on the air at 2:00 p.m. ET Friday, Brooke Baldwin of CNN shared with her audience that the network’s correspondents were among those excluded from a White House press gaggle.

“This is not okay,” a visibly stunned Baldwin said of CNN’s exclusion.

The CNN anchor made the comment during an on-air chat with CNN White House correspondent Sarah Murray. Baldwin referenced a CNN report — which said that the White House asked the FBI for reports on the ties between President Donald Trump and Russia to be knocked down — as the reason the White House excluded CNN from the gaggle.

Murray said that the White House opted for an off-camera gaggle with handpicked outlets instead of a full on-camera briefing because they did not want to face questions about the report.

“It’s pretty clear that that is not what the White House wanted to do today,” Murray said. “And they wanted to select maybe news outlets that would be more favorable. Which, I have to say Brooke, is kind of unfortunate.”

Watch above, via CNN.

UPDATE – 3:05 p.m. EST: CNN has reacted to the news with a promise to keep reporting:

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