This Is What it Looks Like When Brands Cry: Snapchat, Target Field, and More Mourn Prince


Since it was announced that music legend Prince died today at the age of 57, no one has seemed capable of talking of much else, and quite rightly. On Fox News moments ago, Shep Smith remarked that this has been the first time they’ve stopped talking politics in “what feels like 30 years.” Switching from channel to channel, all we have been able to see on cable news has been about TAFKAP himself.

His memorialization isn’t limited to television, though. A number of brands have stepped forward to mourn and pay their respects. Here are just a few.

We’ve already discussed the prevalence of Snapchat filters as a legitimate means of advertising and communication in 2016, and even though the company is still in damage control mode following yesterday’s unfortunate Bob Marley face filter, they reacted quickly to the news of Prince’s passing.

Purple has been the theme following Prince’s death, just as it was the theme of his life. Target Field, too, honored him using his favorite color. (Full disclosure: I’m a huge Twins fan, so this one is, to me, the most touching.)

The Twins also turned the team logo in their Twitter profile picture purple, as did office supply company 3M, which is based in Minnesota.

Pornhub got in on the action…

…as did Cheerios, though they quickly deleted their tweet after receiving backlash.

Hamburger Helper, yet another Minnesota-based company, also deleted their tribute to the Purple One:

NASA joined in, proving that Prince’s talent couldn’t be contained to this world alone.

Maker’s Mark bourbon jumped on-board with their dipped bottlenecks.

Best Buy kept their tribute simple and quietly changed their Twitter picture with no announcement or fanfare.

Screen Shot 2016-04-21 at 4.33.21 PM

Finally, Mission Chinese put up an Instagram of the icon.

Did you see any other brands participating in the collective e-mourning today?

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