This Local News Broadcast Last Night Was a Total Technical Trainwreck


At KARE in Minneapolis Tuesday things started off for the evening news just like any other day. The NBC Nightly News with Lester Holt national feed was coming to a close, and anchors Julie Nelson and Randy Shaver were getting ready for their 6 p.m. ET live coverage like always.

But what transpired was a cringe-worthy 24 minutes that left many in the Minneapolis area staring at either nothing or, at one point, a full newscast with no audio.

As the clock struck 6 p.m. local time, a graphic of 30 Rockefeller Center filled the screen of KARE. The, suddenly, the Nightly News broadcast began all over again with Holt delivering the top of his program’s news on the latest in the Bill Cosby case:

Then the feed for KARE goes to a green screen — fully, nothing else — for 10 minutes while a level of to-be-a-fly-on-the-wall panic likely took over the KARE studio. They even resorted to pulling up a Facebook Live feed of Nelson and Shaver while they attempted to get the show back on track:

After several more minutes of a “Technical Difficulties” slate, eventually Shaver’s voice can be heard at 6:23 p.m. for the first time, saying, “…so what they had to do was reboot master control, which they started to do about 13 minutes ago.” You can see the feed finally kick back in the below exchange:

“This is what happens sometimes when computers run the world,” joked Shaver. “I’ve never seen this at our television station,” the nearly 30-year news vet noted.

“We do want you to know, we’re going to begin the 6:00 local newscast now at 6:24, and it will air in its entirety,” said Nelson. “So let’s begin!”

It may have been a technical nightmare — “The show was a complete disaster,” wrote Scott Jones of FTV — but credit goes to Julie Nelson and Randy Shaver for staying cool and the network producers for eventually getting the newscast up and running. Although it didn’t yield much, good smarts from someone at KARE to turn to Facebook Live — undoubtedly one of the fastest emerging mediums of live broadcast today — to attempt any sort of coverage.

[h/t FTV Live]

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