This Week, Rick Perry Looks Forward To Two Big Fundraisers Attended By NYC Elite

Part of Texas governor Rick Perry‘s appeal, we’ll wager, is that he’s a relatable, no-holds-barred everyman who just also happens to be a politician. He tells it like it is, and has many of the same concerns as you do, American Republican Primary Voter. And that’s an image that is slightly at odds with, say, the well-shod if not well-fed milieu at New York Fashion Week, or Manhattan’s social and political fundraising elite.

Well, Business Insider got a look at the list of names expected to attend Perry’s fundaising events in New York City this week, many of which hail from Manhattan’s world of finance, philanthropy, real estate and politics.

Tonight, Arthur Zeckendorf, of Zeckendorf Realty, will host a reception at his new Columbus Circle development — possibly in his own luxury condo. And on Wednesday, former AIG head Maurice “Hank” Greenberg will host a $2,500-a-head reception for Perry.

Guests expected to attend include several prominent individuals who had previously thrown their names (and their money) behind Bush: Banking firm founder Charles Glazer, for instance, was a major Bush donor who served as the U.S. Ambassador to El Salvador under George H.W. Bush. Also expected to attend is Cheryl Halpern, a New Jersey-based real estate developer and the former chairwoman of the Republican Jewish Coalition who has very publicly accused NPR of anti-Israel bias.

h/t Business Insider

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