Three Years Ago, Gretchen Carlson Let Slip That Pants Weren’t ‘Allowed’ on Fox & Friends

Screen-Shot-2016-07-06-at-11.39.05-AMNow that we know that Gretchen Carlsohas filed a suit against Roger Ailes alleging sexual harassment, past comments from both of them are starting to read a little differently.

First, back in 2013, Carlson went on Kilmeade & Friends, a Fox News-run radio program hosted by Brian Kilmeade. Since it was a show broadcasting primarily on audio-only channels, Carlson wore jeans and Kilmeade commented on it immediately. She triumphantly announced, “Nobody’s going to recognize me, because not only am I dressed casually, [but] I have on pants! Okay? Now, pants were not allowed on Fox & Friends, remember?”

It is worth noting that after Googling almost every woman on Fox News, you will find image after image of her legs, which are collected by people who maintain YouTube pages dedicated monitoring said legs. There are videos with titles like, “Andrea Tantaros DOUBLE LEG CROSS” and “Jedediah Bila ZOOMED LEGS.” They are not worth linking here, but they are easy to find. Don’t read the comments on the videos if you choose to seek them out.

Instead of protecting hosts from this sort of predatory online behavior, executives seem to have mandated short dresses and open sets that make the legs visible. Even three years ago, Carlson was on the record talking about this.

Ailes, too, has some quotes on the record. His biographerGabriel Sherman, quotes him saying disparaging things about the intellect of his female hosts and, in Carlson’s case, her appearance, too.

Carlson alleges that he fired her because she refused to sleep with him.

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