Time 100: George Lopez May Actually Be Okay With This Conan O’Brien Situation


On Time 100 day, we get to do quite a bit of navel gazing in the media world. While the gem of the columns may be the revelation that Ted Nugent wants Sarah Palin for his band, there is plenty of other great stuff through the biographies. Still, the best part of the spreads could very well be the other voices recruited to discuss leaders in media and the world, not just normal columnists and editors at Time.

It’s really not surprising that Conan O’Brien would be included in the list – I don’t think anyone who’s watched his 2010 would disagree with the fact that he’s an influencer among young Americans. But it’s worth looking closely reading the way the author of the piece on the red-headed host talks about him before slowly peeling away to see who wrote it: Conan’s soon-to-be late night partner at TBS, George Lopez.

“Conan’s tenacity and wit have been an inspiration to me on my own late-night show. I’m happy and proud that we’ll be playing on the same team when he comes to basic cable.

Welcome back to TV, Conan. I’ve got a good feeling about this. If there’s anything people love more than a happy ending, it’s a big comeback.”

When it was first announced that Conan was taking up a gig at TBS – displacing Lopez and his show in the process – some definitely asked if Conan was just doing the same exact thing to Lopez that Jay Leno did to him. On the surface, it appears that the truth couldn’t be further from that; Lopez called O’Brien before the deal happened and the network peacefully arranged things between the two. Add in the Time 100 piece, and it appears that there really is a good amount of respect between the two comedians.

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