Tom Brokaw Slams Alex Jones: ‘He is An Unalloyed Racist’

NBC legend Tom Brokaw stopped by the set of Morning Joe on Thursday to give, as he often does, the long view of the days events. The old lion, however, wandered into some charged territory when he mentioned his network’s upcoming interview with Alex Jones, who he called “an unalloyed racist.”

Brokaw got going by reflecting on Franklin Roosevelt and spoke about a recent visit to a monument for the 32d president on New York City’s Roosevelt Island.

Mike Barnicle used the moment to speculate about how Roosevelt’s famous fireside chats would have been received in the age of Facebook and Twitter.

Brokaw almost spat out his reply.

“They would probably mock them because the whole game is to — let me play gotcha. Let me show you how meaner I can be,” he said, before moving onto Jones.

“There’s a lot of controversy around this network about Alex Jones, for example. The fact is that he is an unalloyed racist, a man who is out there pulling the pin on the grenade every day and he has 6 million viewers who are paying attention to him,” said Brokaw. “And the parents in Newtown are hearing from his followers all the time. They buy into what he is saying which is patently not true.”

The strong words against Jones on the very network soon to host the biggest media moment of his career will likely add to consternation which has engulfed NBC executives. The network has faced rising unrest from advertisers and only yesterday, reports emerged that there was a growing movement internally to scrap the project entirely.

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