Tomi Lahren Doubles Down on Calling Other People Snowflakes in New Video

As we’ve explained before, conservative commentator Tomi Lahren will call just about anyone with an opposing viewpoint a “snowflake.” Get it? Because they’re unique, but also a little sensitive? To Lahren, those seem to be the worst things a person could be, so she lobs the word at people online and in her videos.

A few nights ago, original viral sensation Chris Crocker made a response video to tell her that by continuing to express so much rage online, she was kind of acting like the biggest snowflake of all.

Lahren has now doubled down and released a video that sounds like one of those old Jeff Foxworthyyou might be a redneck if…” bits that were fodder for forwarded emails from your uncle back in 2006.

“If the term ‘White Christmas’ seems racist to you, you might be a snowflake,” she quipped.

Another one: “If you spend more time occupying Wall Street than you do occupying a shower or a job, you might be a snowflake.”

OWS was a movement that was popular in New York around five years ago, when Lahren was a 19-year-old student in Las Vegas.

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