Top Pelosi-Backing Democratic Congressman: It’s NOT a Forgone Conclusion She Will be the Next Speaker


Ever since Tuesday’s election gave Democrats a majority of seats in the House of Representatives in the next Congress, it has been widely-assumed that Nancy Pelosi would regain her position as the Speaker of the House. However, Rep. John Yarmuth, a ranking Democrat from Louisville, Kentucky, says that Pelosi getting that gavel back is far from a done deal.

Yarmuth, while interviewed Saturday by Mediaite columnist John Ziegler on his podcast, said, “I do not think it is a forgone conclusion” that Pelosi will be able to get the 218 votes needed for her to be elected Speaker of the House. Yarmuth, who is a strong supporter of Pelosi and will vote for her, acknowledged that her winning the position is still indeed the most likely scenario, but he shocked Ziegler when he insisted that there are other outcomes which are still plausible.

The problem for Pelosi is that over twenty Democrats who will be in the next Congress have previously pledged to not vote for her, and, since most estimates have her party winning just over 230 seats, it appears that she will only be able to lose about a dozen votes. When pressed by Ziegler, Yarmuth, who is presumed to be the next chairman of the House Budget committee, went into great detail about the process and how it is still possible that Pelosi never gets to the magic number.

When asked about President Trump’s promise to help get Pelosi some Republican votes for Speaker if she needs them to get over the top, Yarmuth laughed and said that nothing Trump says is to be taken seriously.

Listen to the entire conversation above.

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