Trailer For Sacha Baron Cohen’s The Dictator, In Which He Plays A Gaddafi-Like Ruler, Looks Amazing


We don’t post too many movie trailers on this site (just campaign ads horribly edited to look like them), but this one certainly caught our attention. Sacha Baron Cohen AKA the Hairy Chameleon (a nickname I just made up) has done a pretty great job so far of making satires that perfectly parody elements of our society. Borat took on American xenophobia and ignorance of foreign cultures while Bruno tackled homophobia. His skill at choosing timely targets appears to be as strong as ever as the trailer for his latest movie, The Dictator, arrived today. In it, Baron Cohen plays General Aladeen, a dictator of a fictional Middle Eastern country very much like any of the rulers who seem to be dropping like flies these days.

The new movie drops the mockumentary/prank element of Baron Cohen’s last two movies and goes for a straight narrative, which is probably a good thing (no matter how big a beard he grows, people kind of know what he looks like now). Still, his pointed and sometimes tasteless sense of humor remains in check. For example, at one point in the trailer, Baron Cohen’s character visits America and is advised by a smiling John C. Reilly that he should try to visit the Empire State Building “before you or one of your cousins takes it down.” Yikes.

And Baron Cohen hasn’t completely left out the use of real world elements. The trailer employs some well-chosen and well-edited clips of President Obama and Hillary Clinton to make it absolutely clear just who the movie is parodying.

We’re pretty excited about this. In fact, this is the first time in a while that the appearance of the great Sir Ben Kingley in a comedy hasn’t filled us with dread. We don’t want to set our expectations too high, but we’d love to see Baron Cohen pull off some kind of modern day The Great Dictator.

However, this movie, presumably, will have much more male full-frontal nudity than Charlie Chaplin ever used.

Watch the trailer below:

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