Triumph the Insult Comic Dog Takes on the Inauguration Crowd: ‘If a Walmart Could Vomit…’

Triumph the Insult Comic Dog (and his puppeteer Robert Smigel of late night comedy fame) made a grand return in 2016 in the form of a Hulu show and notably hilarious appearances at the nominating conventions in Cleveland and Philadelphia. The crude wise-talking pooch returned this weekend for a encore performance, this time taking on the gathered pro-MAGA crowd at the presidential inauguration of Donald J. Trump.

Triumph joked with a crowd of onlookers that once Trump moves into the White House, he will be, “continuing his long tradition of evicting black families,” and noted that the gloomy weather was due to the the sun simply being the latest big star to refuse to show up for the festivities.

The longtime Conan O’Brien side character continued mercilessly skewering the crowd that showed up to cheer on our nation’s 45th president. “If a Walmart could vomit,” he joked, it would result on the “overweight, overaged white humanity” or people in our nation’s capital.

But lest you think that Smigel and his canine comrade were partisan in their biting attacks, he saved some of his best jokes for Democrats. Upon seeing former President Bill Clinton, Triumph joked it was, “a stark reminder of a more dignified, gentile administration when vaginas were probed by cigar, not by hand.”

Watch above via TBS.

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