True Fact: Sherrod Brown’s Dad Delivered Baby Luke Perry


Ohio Senator and potential 2020 Democratic presidential candidate Sherrod Brown offered condolences over the death of Beverly Hills 90210 actor Luke Perry, who passed away Monday morning after suffering a stroke last week.

In a tweet Monday afternoon, Senator Brown said that Perry was a “kind person who made his home state proud,” and that his “thoughts are with his friends, family, and loved ones.”

Brown was retweeting a tweet from former Obama administration official Michael O’Neil, who revealed that Brown’s late father, Dr. Charles Brown, delivered Perry. “I met Luke Perry in ‘06 – he came home to Ohio to campaign for Sherrod Brown (Sherrod’s father, a Mansfield doctor, delivered Luke),” O’Neil tweeted.

And according to The Hill‘s Judy Kurtz, Perry himself told the crowd at a 2006 Brown for Senate rally of his long and close relationship with the then-congressman:

“I’m not here because I’m from Hollywood. I’m here because I’m from Ohio,” Perry told the crowd.

“The thing I want to say first and foremost is I don’t do politics. It ain’t my thing. And I don’t play parties. But I do play the man,” Perry said. “And I’ve known this man my entire life,” the performer added of the then-congressman.

“His father delivered me, so when I say I’ve known him my whole life, I’ve known him my whole life,” Perry quipped.

Watch Perry campaign for Brown at an October 6, 2006 rally at Ohio State University above.

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