Trump Advisor on Whether Tapper’s Interview With Conway Was Sexist: ‘Why Be So Aggressive With Her?’


White House aide and former Breitbart editor Sebastian Gorka said that CNN’s Jake Tapper used Kellyanne Conway as a “punching bag” during the intense interview the two had together last week.

Conway appeared on The Lead several days ago, where she faced an extensive grill session as Tapper kept pressing her on the factual distortions and insults coming from President Trump. Several days before that interview, Gorka appeared with Tapper so the two of them could discuss Trump’s plan to put Iran “on notice” and look at changes to the nuclear deal between them and the U.S.

In a new interview for The Hill, Gorka said Tapper’s tone was “very disappointing” due to his “aggressive” line of questioning.

“It was trying to treat a woman as a punching bag, really,” said Gorka. “Jake was very nice to me, it was the first time I had been on his show, and that’s why it was all the more shocking.”

Gorka took issue with how CNN prepared multiple clips in order to counteract Conway if she brought up Trump’s recent claim that the media underreports terror attacks. To Gorka, the display was not “unbiased reporting” but a sign that CNN was determined to attack Conway.

When asked if he thought Tapper was being sexist, Gorka said, “I hope it wasn’t” but asked seconds later, “Why her? Why Kellyanne? Why be so aggressive with her and not with me?”

CNN gave a statement to The Hill, saying: “If Gorka or anyone else from the administration had been on The Lead that day they would have received the same interview. It’s disappointing to see any administration retreat into false claims of addressing the issues at hand.”

Watch above, via The Hill.

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