Trump Once Said That ‘Crazy’ Dennis Rodman Meeting Kim Jong Un Was ‘Frightening and Sad’

Once upon a time – namely, in the year 2013 – President Donald Trump tweeted about North Korea and Dennis Rodman.

Rodman is currently in Singapore for the Summit for God knows what reason. And for similarly abstruse reasons, he was the first – and for many years only – American who had met Kim Jong Un.

This was baffling to many, including, wait for it, Donald Trump.

But not only was it baffling. It was also “frightening and sad.”

Here we can also see the beginnings of “Little Rocket Man,” Trump’s epithet for Kim: “little man child.” Gotta say, his nickname game has improved with time.

Then, the following year, Trump tweeted about Rodman and North Korea once again:

So just so we’re clear: Trump really, really did not want to go to North Korea with Dennis Rodman.

He repeats:

Got it? North Korea is the “last place on Earth” Donald Trump wants to go.

Let’s hope neither Kim nor Rodman doesn’t know how to use the Twitters to search for tweets by keyword. Things could get awkward.

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