Trump Slams AP’s ‘Fake News’ Headline After Fox & Friends Calls it ‘Misleading,’ ‘Inaccurate’


President Trump is apparently watching Fox & Friends again, judging by how he’s following their lead and criticizing Associated Press over a headline they came up with from their interview with him.

Trump kicked off his day by indulging in his favorite hobby: attacking the “FAKE NEWS!”

Let’s put this into context, shall we?

Trump was asked yesterday if he would accept any responsibility in the event that Republicans lose the House of Representatives in the midterm elections.

“No, I think I’m helping people,” Trump responded. “They would say that in the old days that if you got the support of a president or if you’ve got the support of somebody it would be nice to have, but it meant nothing, zero. Like literally zero. Some of the people I’ve endorsed have gone up 40 and 50 points just on the endorsement.”

The headline that came out of that was Trump tells AP he won’t accept blame if GOP loses House. The article got picked up on Drudge Report, and when Fox & Friends addressed it this morning, they called it a deceptive headline and wondered why Matt Drudge gave it air.

“They put these crazy headlines because they want you to click on them, they want you to read story and you realize its a little misleading, but they do it to make money,” Ainsley Earhardt said.

“You wouldn’t think Drudge would put that up there because its inaccurate,” Brian Kilmeade agreed. “They’re one of, if not the most, clicked on website in the country.”

Trump sent out his “FAKE NEWS” tweet shortly after that, and if you want more proof that he’s parroting the show today, well, here’s Exhibit A:

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