Trump Takes Shot at DNC While Holding Listening Session on Cyber Security

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Since the intelligence community assessed that Russia interfered in the election to help him, and that part of that interference was via hacking of the Democratic National Committee, President Donald Trump and his team have taken to placing much of the blame at the DNC’s feet.

While holding a listening session on cyber security today with experts, the president continued to paint the DNC as being largely responsible for being hacked while also bringing up that he won the election.

First, POTUS noted that the Democrats spent more money than the GOP.

“I think a pretty good example of this was despite spending hundreds and hundreds of millions of dollars more money than we did the Democratic National Committee was hacked successfully, very successfully and terribly frankly,” Trump said. “And the Republican National Committee was not hacked meaning it was hacked but they failed.”

The president then bragged about how the RNC had a stronger defense system before bringing up “winning.”

“So despite spending a lot less money than the Democrats,” he stated. “And in all fairness, winning. People don’t say that, we spend a lot less money…isn’t that a good thing, when you can spend less and win.”

UPDATE 4:05 PM ET: Trump actually was only holding a listening session and did not sign an executive order today, as that was canceled abruptly.

Watch the clip above, via CNN.

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