comScore Trump: ‘Wacky’ Omarosa Signed an NDA

Trump: ‘Wacky’ Omarosa Signed an NDA

It was only a matter of time before President Donald Trump went frantically searching for a legal stipulation that would prevent Omarosa Manigault Newman from giving up all his dirty secrets.

It turns out, as the tweeter-in-chief claimed world Monday, Manigault Newman signed a non-disclosure agreement to keep quiet about the goings-on at the White House.

Now, if Omarosa was full of it, as Trump would’ve first had us believe, an NDA wouldn’t matter because she’d just be spewing misinformation, and therefore not disclosing anything.

If, however, the things she is saying are true, an NDA would be very important indeed.

Omarosa already tantalized America’s palate for scandal when she released a tape of Trump claiming he didn’t know anything about her firing, a claim she believes to be a lie.

The plot thickens; watch this space.

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