Want Custom Birthday Messages From the Mooch, Omarosa, or Boyz II Men? There’s Somehow an App For That


Cameo, a relatively new website which allows users to pay for “Happy Birthday” video messages from their favorite celebrities, has become the new ground zero for political figures looking to make a quick buck.

Two former Trump administration staffers can be hired on Cameo: Former White House Communications Director Anthony Scaramucci, at $100, and former Trump political Omarosa, at $49.

Both Scaramucci and Omarosa currently cost less than 90s R&B group Boyz II Men ($450) and iconic male porn star Ron Jeremy ($200).

Gossip blogger Perez Hilton will wish you a happy birthday for $51, while actor and full-time #Resistance activist Michael Rapaport will set you back $150.

Fox News’ Tomi Lahren is available for $60, former Pussy Cat Dolls member and Republican commentator Kaya Jones for $100, and controversial British commentator Katie Hopkins for $50.

Stormy Daniels, the porn actress who famously alleged to have had an affair with President Donald Trump, is available for $250.

Other notable political figures on Cameo include: 2016 presidential election debate audience member Ken Bone ($20), pro-Trump YouTuber Austen Fletcher ($15), Republican musician Joy Villa ($45), and no less than three Trump impersonators.

Cameo made headlines last year after several celebrities on the platform, including former NFL player Brett Favre and rapper Soulja Boy, were tricked into recording anti-semitic video messages.

The platform has also received attention for hosting former Jackass and Viva la Bam star Bam Margera, who is currently making money from his video messages despite the fact that the reality TV icon is currently going through a drug-fuelled public meltdown, which culminated in Margera’s appearance on Dr. Phil this month.

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