Trump’s Reversal on NC Anti-LGBT Law Makes No Sense for Two Reasons

trumpThursday morning on Today Donald Trump said he believed transgender individuals should be allowed to “use the bathroom they feel is appropriate,” and that North Carolina’s sweeping anti-trans and anti-gay law was causing the state “a lot of problems.”

That’s anathema to the Republican platform, and Ted Cruz began immediately hitting him for it. So of course Trump had to walk back the comments, telling Sean Hannity on Fox News that very same evening that “local communities and states should make the decision. The federal government should not be involved.”

There are two obvious, glaring problems with Trump’s weaselly reversal: 1.) North Carolina’s House Bill 2 is a state law, and so the federal government never had anything to do with it; and 2.) Muting the authority and autonomy of “local communities” was precisely one of the goals of HB2 since it overturns local laws extending rights to gay and transgender people.

The New York Times reported Friday that Trump has long displayed tolerance for the rights of gay people (though he opposed marriage equality), making him virtually unique among GOP figureheads. The mealy-mouthed punting to “local communities and states” speaks to either his ignorance of how government works or perhaps to the fact that he simply can’t convincingly muster up the enthusiasm for an anti-LGBT law.

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