Tucker Carlson Gets Personal with Black Lives Matter Supporter: ‘You’re Demented!’

On Tuesday night, Tucker Carlson invited political commentator Lisa Durden to discuss how a Black Lives Matter group in New York City banned anyone who wasn’t black from attending their Memorial Day party.

Carlson started off by asking Durden, a Black Lives Matter supporter, to explain how a group who protests because they’re singled out by their race can do the same thing by singling out people who aren’t welcomed to their party by race.

Durden’s response? “Boo hoo hoo!”

“You white people are angry because you couldn’t use your white privilege card,” Durden began her racially-charged rant that went on long enough for her mic to be cut off so that Carlson can finally ask her a question.

“If you don’t like people excluding others on the basis of their race… then why are you doing it and why are you defending it now?” Carlson asked.

Durden replied how “you’ve been having White Days forever!” and invoked the “all-white Oscars” and movies and TV shows with all-white casts. She added, “It took eleven seasons to get a black Bachelorette!”

Carlson accused Durden’s rhetoric of being “hostile” and “crazy” before things got really personal.

“You’re demented, actually.” Carlson blurted out during Durden’s incoherent lecture. “You’re sick and what you’re saying is disgusting and if you were a Nazi, I’d say the same thing to you because what you are saying is indistinguishable to what they are saying.”

Watch the heated battle above, courtesy of Fox News.

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