Tucker Carlson Ridicules CNN’s Chris Cuomo and Jim Acosta: ‘Yep, That’s Journalism’


In recent months, Fox News’ Tucker Carlson has devoted more and more time on his program to offering up media criticism, specifically when it comes to CNN. With the Russia probe ramping up, Carlson has gone after the rival network for obsessing over Russian coverage, especially after CNN retracted a story involving the Senate investigation which led to three journalists losing their jobs.

Tonight, we were treated to yet another CNN thrashing by Tucker.

One night after the Fox News host tore into CNN White House correspondent Jim Acosta for his heated exchange with White House advisor Stephen Miller over immigration, Carlson once again went after the reporter and added one of Acosta’s colleagues to the mix.

Highlighting CNN anchor Chris Cuomo’s Facebook video criticizing the RAISE Act, Carlson mocked the CNN personality.

“Yep, that’s journalism,” Carlson said, smirking. “The question is, how can we be discussing policy at a time like this? U.S. Citizens, economic growth, welfare dependency, basic facts — they all melt away into irrelevance because we have poetry classes to teach here.”

He also took additional shots at Acosta after bringing up Acosta’s comments that President Donald Trump only cares about Mexicans, Muslims and the media.

Later in the segment, Carlson made the following observation to his guest, Center for Immigration Studies Mark Krikorian:

“But I mean if you have got a television show, I think you owe your viewers a little deeper — can you reach a separate conclusion, maybe you don’t agree to. Weighing in on something you know literally nothing about to have your ignorance exposed and not be embarrassed about it and keep doing it, it is shameless.”

You don’t say, Tucker.

Watch the clip above, via Fox News.

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