Turns Out George W. Bush Is a Normal Person, Gets Summoned for Jury Duty

Former president George W. Bush isn’t just sitting around, idling in is post-presidential days with paintings and new methods for preventing his ex-president father from getting into trouble. Turns out, he’s a normal human being just like you and I, mainly in that he suffers from the occasional jury summons.

Bush showed up as requested at the George L. Allen, Sr. Courts Building in downtown Dallas on Wednesday morning to take part in jury selection. Fellow jury pool member Sheri Coleman told the Dallas Morning News, “He was very personable, very friendly, just ‘hey I’m here to serve,’ he asked questions and was very nice.”

Although he wasn’t selected, Bush did post for photos with fellow jury pool members and remained cordial throughout the ordeal. If anything, his presence seemed to lift the spirits of those in attendance, which is a good thing since jury selections usually sucks.

Then again, you’d be acting peppier too if you know the building you were in was surrounded by secret service and under careful surveillance.

Check out the video below, courtesy of the Dallas Morning News:

[h/t the Dallas Morning News]
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