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You go, gilmore!

Twelve People Voted For Jim Gilmore. Here’s One of Them.

gilmoreJim Gilmore, the former Virginia governor who many forgot was even running for president, emerged from the Iowa Republican caucus with a grand total of 12 votes.

That’s fewer than the number of votes Iowans cast for “Other.” And the second-to-last candidate, Rick Santorum, has almost 150 times as many votes.

Huffington Post tracked down one of the 12 individuals to cast their vote for Gilmore: Troy Bishop of Des Moines, who not only voted for Gilmore; he “did everything he could to build momentum for Gilmore’s campaign in Iowa. He found him a hotel room in Des Moines for last week’s GOP debate. He chauffeured him around town. He talked to his friends and family about why they should support him,” HuffPo writes.

As it happens, Bishop is pleasantly surprised by Gilmore’s showing. “I mean, look at some of the other candidates,” Bishop said. “Look at the money they spent. They got 3,000 votes. He didn’t spend any money and got 12.”

Indeed, Washington Post reports that Jeb Bush spent $5,200 on each vote he received in Iowa. That is the worst yield of any Republican candidate — except for Gilmore, who burned through more than $100,000, for a whopping $9,100 per vote. Unsurprisingly, that self-funded master of free publicity, Donald Trump, got the best value, spending a paltry $300 on each vote.

Gilmore told Buzzfeed that he was also pleased with the results, since he “chose strategically not to participate in Iowa.”

And, yes, he’s still in the race.

[h/t Huffington Post]

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