Twitter Both Relieved and Terrified by Trump’s White House Staff Announcements


Donald Trump has confirmed that Reince Priebus and Steve Bannon will hold high positions in his administration, which set off a flurry of Twitter activity on Sunday.

Priebus will become the White House Chief of Staff, while Bannon will become Chief Strategist and Senior Counselor to the new president. The new roles of both men, and the political partnership that will follow, has drawn significant attention for a variety of reasons:

Some found it interesting that Bannon got top billing on Trump’s announcement, even though Priebus got the Chief of Staff job:

Some people found it smart that Trump didn’t name Bannon, the chief of the highly-conservative website Breitbart, for the position:

From our own John Ziegler:

Others felt that, for better or for worse, having Priebus as Chief of Staff goes against the idea that Trump would “drain the swamp” of all the insider politicians:

Yet even more people felt that Priebus and Bannon would be foils for one another, which could have some interesting results in the White House:

And of course, there were those who found it horrifying that a person like Bannon would have Trump’s ear:

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