Twitter Honors Kayleigh McEnany’s New RNC Job by Resurrecting Her Classic Tweets


The Twitterverse is not letting Kayleigh McEnany forget about some of her objectionable statements from the years before she rose to prominence in the political media.

The pro-Trump commentator left CNN last week, though she quickly reappeared on the president’s Facebook page in order to deliver a “real news” PSA about the White House’s accomplishments. The latest news is that McEnany will join the Republican National Committee as their new national spokeswoman.

In recognition of her new position, Twitter users dug through McEnany’s archives, and they revived this tweet about former president Barack Obama:

People took notice, and they weren’t happy about the birtherism:

That McEnany tweet wasn’t the only one that raised eyebrows today. Here’s some of her other questionable past statements that have resurfaced today:

Michael Calderone of Huffington Post has noted that McEnany might do more “real news” segments on Trump’s Facebook account in the future.

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