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Twitter Freaks Out After Trump Super PAC Sends Preteen Girl to Interview Roy Moore

With all of the allegations levied against Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore, surely no one on his campaign would be stupid enough to attempt a political stunt in which a 12-year-old girl is trotted out to interview him, right?

Wrong. In this, God’s year of 2017, there is no ravine low enough that won’t be traversed in order to score some cheap political point. No sacred cow that can escape the gaping maw of our Cthulhu-like election process. No moral high road that isn’t littered with rusty nails, used condoms and garbage tweets.

So, yeah, of course someone sent a 12-year-old girl to interview Roy Moore because, well, why the hell not? May as well get this whole de-evolution thing over with. Maybe Moore can throw feces around as a mark of dominance during his acceptance speech tomorrow.

A Super PAC that is supported by President Donald Trump, The America First Project, was behind the stunt, sending a little girl named Millie March to interview the Alabama candidate. You may remember March from that time, last year, when she was 11 and became a viral sensation among those on the right for supporting Trump’s candidacy. She’s even appeared on Fox & Friends, telling a wide-eyed Steve Doocy that Trump “is doing the best job as a president can you ever do.”

Folks on Twitter were nonplussed by the decision to send a preteen to interview an alleged sexual carnivore, whose proclivities have been said to rest right around Bat Mitzvah age.

It is worth noting that Moore did not conduct an actual interview with an actual news reporter since the original Washington Post story broke on Nov. 9 — until Sunday, when he sat down with a local news outlet.

He has been accused of sexual misconduct by seven women, many of whom say they were underage at the time of the allegations.

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